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What are the three major functions of sports flooring?


Playing basketball must be done on a dedicated sports wood floor, otherwise it is very easy to have a variety of accidents. So, what is the function of sports wood flooring compared to ordinary civil wood flooring? Let's take a look at the analysis of professionals in sports wood flooring manufacturers.


According to sports and wood floor manufacturer professionals, sports wood flooring has greater load-bearing capacity than ordinary wood flooring, and will not be easily destroyed. Wear resistance, stain resistance, and film hardness are all higher than those of ordinary wood flooring. Civil floor is much higher. In addition, sports wood flooring has the following three functions:

First, protection function

In the course of sports, there will be a big shock between the athlete and the wooden floor. The size of the shock has a very important influence on the athlete. If it cannot be absorbed in time, it will definitely lead to injury to athletes and other sports personnel. Therefore, only professional sports wood floors produced by manufacturers of sports wood flooring can protect athletes and reduce injuries.

This point is particularly important in the game. We all know that athletes are related to the game throughout their lives. The better the game performance, the higher the return. If you are injured in the game, it may affect your whole life and even leave a deeper impact. Even the indoor basketball courts of ordinary colleges and universities need to be treated with caution. Do not think that it is a game between students and neglect, so as not to leave irreversible damage.

Second, technical function

Professionals of sports wood floor manufacturers pointed out that the curing and service life of wooden floors must reach the level required for competition and training. For example, when the facilities are moved on the floor, the surface and structure cannot be damaged. This is a recognized standard. As long as the quality of sports wood flooring products meets standards, it will not worry about this problem. However, manufacturers of sports wood flooring pointed out that there are some wood floors with relatively low prices in the market. These floors look like professional sports wood flooring, but they are far less than professional sports wood flooring in terms of service life and protection. It is easy to cause injuries, so pay special attention.

In addition, as a professional sports wood floor, sports wood flooring must meet the rolling requirements of the standard, so that it can be put into production.

Third, sports function

We all know that the existence of sports wood flooring is to provide athletes with sports and competitions. When there is a game, the game is played. If there is no game, training is performed. The super load is its basic requirement. In addition, in the game, all kinds of ball take-off action and elasticity will have a great impact on athletes.

If basketball exceeds or is lower than normal in terms of take-off and elasticity, it will inevitably cause great trouble to the athletes, even accidental injuries. Therefore, sports wood flooring manufacturers recommend that you must choose the regular manufacturers of sports wood flooring, to ensure the normal use of its coefficient.

In fact, the reason why so carefully remind everyone to choose sports wood flooring, mainly because the athletes will produce vibration during the movement must be absorbed by the wood floor, otherwise it will affect the athlete's play, coupled with the buffer if it is not absorbed It will hurt athletes' ankles, meniscus, spine and brain. If these parts of the athlete are affected, it will inevitably have a great impact on life and on the game.

Therefore, sports wood floor manufacturers recommend that purchasers must pay attention to the purchase of sports wood flooring with suitable price and high performance-to-price ratio. Do not be greedy and cheap. Choose some wooden floors that look useful, but do not have long life span and hidden dangers.

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